July 2014 Newsletter



Greetings ~

First I’d like to start off by welcoming the new readers who were at the Forge Festival of Arts on July 4.  It was a pleasure chatting with all of you and “the ventriloquists” were a great way to start the day and provided laughs for my brother and me long after you left.  You know who you are!

Since some new pieces sold and some are still in Utica, I will only be including a few pictures this time.  I made a bunch of flower pots and they range in size from small to large.

I also decided to reprieve one of the glazes that gave me bad outcomes when I first started doing my own firing.  Since then I’ve altered my firing programs and thought it may work better.  I was pleased with the results.  I didn’t ruin any kiln shelves this time!  I’ll use it sparingly but I really like the colors and thought I’d try a piece or two each firing.  The color is Redwood and it has crystals that melt nicely if cooled slowly.  They didn’t all melt but here’s close ups of two of the pieces, one a large bowl and the other a planter.








A potter never knows what’s going to be popular and what’s not.  I’ve found that berry bowls and batter bowls are big sellers.  Dog bowls and treat jars are also quite popular.  That being said, I’ve never seen a reaction such as the one I got when I posted pictures on Facebook of 8 piggy banks that were just assembled and drying.  Every one of them has a home – and they haven’t even been fired the first time!  I see lots of them in my future.  I want to tweak them a bit, maybe making them a bit larger and keeping the snouts at a uniform size.  I made some with polka dots and some without.  My plan is to make a few each firing because if they had such a reaction so far from completion, they likely will sell well at sales.  Even more surprising is the fact that most of them were going to be kept by the buyer, not given to a grandchild.  One seasoned potter posted on a “Tips for Sales” column that one always needs pet and grandchildren items.  I was lacking kids’ pieces so that’s how the pigs came to be.   In the first picture, the pig on the left has his head tilted a bit if you notice where the eyes are.  The picture on the right shows rear and side views.








I’ve applied for two more juried sales, Madison County’s – which I learned is the first art and craft sale in New York State – and the one in Sauquoit just before Thanksgiving.  Actually, I’ve been accepted at the Madison County sale.  The chairperson this year was a neighbor at Old Forge.  He handed out applications and approved mine in advance.  He said that he and I would be the only potters there.  I’ll know about the Sauquoit sale sometime in August.

The next newsletter will return to showing what came out of the kiln.  I didn’t have time to take pictures before I packed to go to Old Forge.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer.  I so hope that the extreme storms that have plagued Central New York are over.  I was caught in the aftermath of one trying to get to Utica so I could leave the next morning for Old Forge.  The normal two hour drive took me six with all the downed trees and power lines causing me to be rerouted from detour to detour – most for road obstructions and the last for a fire.  I saw more of Madison and Chenango Counties than I’ve ever seen.  When I went through the last hold up, a DWI Roadblock in Norwich, the policeman asked if I’d been drinking I said, “No but I could use one!”  I told him when I left Binghamton and that I’d been touring the countryside, he assured me that the road was now open to Utica.  That general area has had 6 or 7 tornadoes this month.  That’s unheard of.  It’s sad to see so much devastation and to learn of lives lost.

As always, thanks for your interest in my work.