May Newsletter

Greetings –

My most recent firing took place a couple of weeks ago. I had a small sale where I used to work with proceeds benefitting the Kids’ Christmas Party. It was a fun day and, as usual, I was the last to get packed and loaded. In my next life my hobby is going to be something light and easily transported. Tubs of pots don’t meet those criteria!

This firing had some chip and dip servers. I make mine as two piece sets for two reasons: I think they are easier stored when not in use, and; separate pieces can be used for other purposes, making the piece more versatile.



There were three small casseroles, which is a nice size for either side dishes or for empty nesters. I like making different knobs rather than the same kind all the time. Each of these is different but I was going for a sphere on the pointed one but the clay told me otherwise.







One large batter bowl was in this firing. I dodged a bullet in that because, if you look on the handle, there’s two glaze drips that stopped. Had they gone farther, they would have landed on the kiln shelf, requiring me to remove them – often with a grinder. At first I didn’t like the drips but they almost form a grip for easier pouring.


One snack tray remains. The rest that I took sold but each buyer had a different use for them and, although I can’t recall what they were, they had nothing to do with snacks! It reminds me of the mini baguette holders that I made to hold car keys and phones. They have morphed into so many different uses from “something to hold my husband’s change” to spoon rests. When a customer asks what a piece can be used for, I give my version but often learn other purposes.


One French Butter Keeper remained. I had more in the firing but just before glazing a lady ordered two so I was able to glaze them in her colors and.


In my last newsletter I mentioned that I was adding a new glaze, Amber Celadon. This pasta bowl is an example of what it looks like. It’s a bit translucent and highlights carving or finger marks, which I like. I also made some test pieces to see how it looks with my other glazes and it compliments Arctic Blue nicely.


Last week I made a trip to Syracuse for supplies and brought home a red glaze. Reds are difficult to get in a nice glaze so I will mix it and test it with my clay and, with luck, unveil it in the next firing or two. The black clay that I was so looking forward to using is still not playing nicely in the kiln so I’ll be putting a piece in each firing till I get it right. I’m really disappointed how touchy it is, which I learned after buying 200 pounds! Striking results when it works. The exterior of the bowl was great but the clay blistered inside.

These pieces will appear on the website in a about a week.  I just sent the pictures to my webmaster.  If you are interested in any piece, you can email me at

Since this newsletter should reach everyone before the weekend, I want to wish all the mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. With any luck, it will be a sunny day for you, although the local forecast doesn’t predict that.