October 2014 Newsletter

Greeetings –

Happy Fall to everyone!  We’ve been especially lucky here in Upstate New York this season. We’ve had lovely warm, dry days and crisp nights. This allowed the colors to hang around longer. After my October firing, I got a virus on my laptop and it was in ICU getting everything removed and replaced. It’s like having a new computer again.  So, once again, the newsletter is a bit late getting out.

The firing seems so long ago as I’m almost ready for another! If I’m lucky, I can squeeze it in between now and my November 9 Open House.

The last firing had a new piece – earring holders. I decided to put a post in the center so rings can be held as well. I made one larger as a test, thinking that perhaps a couple bracelets could be tossed in as well. If you have younger women or teens on your shopping list, these would be useful gifts.  The smaller one is 6″ across and the larger is 8″.  Both have the same profile.  There are more drying on the shelf that will be in the next firing.






I am still experimenting with various glaze combinations on the square plates that I like so much. A couple were in the kiln this time and I was pleased with the results. They are quite similar, even though different glazes were used with the cream glaze I’ve been keeping as a constant.  Once I determine the best combination – or the post popular – I am considering making place settings.  I need to get a small mold to make the salad plate.







Included is a glaze combination on a small serving tray that I liked, although I can’t sell it because I caught the corner and broke it before it was fired. I get to keep that. Handles were added, thinking that it could be more functional with them.  You can see the blemish in the lower right corner.  I sprayed black from thick to thin and covered it with a clear glaze.



Of course there were a couple of piggy banks. These I left natural, except for the pink ears and tail. I have some that are drying and the clay I’m using now will produce speckles so we’ll see how they look next month. I plan to leave one of them with a clear glaze and just do the ears but the rest will be glazed and maybe I’ll put polka dots on one or two.  Once I get those out of the kiln, I’ll be in touch with all of you who have been patiently waiting for me to get the “bugs” out of the creation of piggy banks.  That sure was a challenge every step of the way!  


This firing also had three sets of oil and vinegar cruets, another popular gift item. They vary in size and will be priced accordingly.  The tall ones are 12″ and the other two are 9″ tall, including the spout.



If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy trying different handles all the time. I used a new design on the covered casserole. I like the way the glaze pooled in the depressions made by the two coils and finger marks along the wall.  Some glazes do that better than others. The center picture is the interior and the one on the right is the underside of the lid.



Two soap dishes were also in the firing, along with a blue chip and dip set. I make the bowl detached for easier storage.  It’s about 10″ wide.








Earlier in the month I participated in NYSEG’s Market Days. It was good to see old friends and co-workers and meet new people as well. Welcome to those of you who are new recipients of this newsletter.

After the Open House early next month, I’ll be heading off to Sauquoit for their annual Arts and Crafts Show on November 22 & 23. There’s going to be over 100 vendors there and it is one of the most successful sales in Central New York. I hope to see some of you there. For those who might be interested, here’s the link: http://www.svcraftshow.com/

After the Sauquoit sale, there’s a mad dash to get Thanksgiving shopping and baking done as well as working in the studio to fill any outstanding orders that are needed by Christmas.

A funny thing happened at the Oneida sale.  I included a pair of egg separators of the half dozen I made.  I didn’t think any seasoned cook would buy them but thought someone just learning might.  To my surprise, a woman a bit younger than I and two young women appeared in the booth and the older woman picked one up.  I asked if she knew what it was and she did and said she couldn’t live without one!  She asked both younger women if they had one and bought one for each of them.  So, you just never know who will find pieces appealing.  Just like the piggy banks.  Although I thought grandparents would buy them for their grandchildren; they are buying them, for the most part, for themselves!

Have a great Thanksgiving and I hope to see some of you at the Open House on November 9 1:00 to 4:00 at 2 Midwood Drive, Binghamton or at my booth in Saquoit. Till then, enjoy these great fall days because we know what’s going to be following soon.